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THE COLORADO WYOMING INSULATION AND ABATEMENT CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION was started in 1991 by a group of contractors and suppliers in the mechanical insulation and abatement industry. In 2006 the Association members voted to change the name of the association to the COLORADO ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONALS ASSOCIATION or CEPA to better represent the current membership.


A primary part of the CEPA mission is to provide education and outreach, teamed with the State, we are working to increase knowledge of Industry Standards and Regulations.

The association has had speakers on Davis-Bacon wage surveys, worker’s compensation, OSHA, respiratory protection, the future of the insulation and abatement industry, governmental regulations, fiberglass safety, and small business management.

It has worked with Denver on prevailing wage questions and with the regional Department of Labor on wage surveys; has provided insulation specification guides to area mechanical engineers; surveyed mechanical contractors on insulation practices; and underwritten most of the cost of providing a hands-on computer Internet training seminar.

We have been a key resource for the State in Emergency Response during natural disasters, such as in the most recent Windsor Tornado Strike in 2008 and the Holly, CO Tornado Strike. Recognized in that particular natural disaster by the Governor of Colorado for the Association’s quick response, as well as our teaming up with FEMA and other Rescue Teams sent to the area.

The Legislative Committee meets with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to provide field-conditions data for proposed regulations, educational support for the industry, and has had a major impact on Regulation 8 revisions. A website was created in 2001, and is continually upgraded to provide ongoing needs of the members of the association.


In 2007 we introduced the CEPA Scholarship Program. Proceeds from our Annual Golf Tournament go to fund the scholarship fund. Candidates apply for scholarships of $1000/yr. Qualifying students are majoring in a Industry Related Field.

For additional information or to find out where you can visit one of our regular meetings, please email Deb Scifo at dscifo.asacolorado.com. Thank you

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