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Regulation 8 Asbestos

March 9, 2021
Revisions to Colorado Regulation No. 8, Part B, that were adopted by the Air Quality Control Commission on January 22, 2021 will be effective March 17, 2021. The official version will be published on the Colorado Secretary of State website on the 17th. Currently, a version is posted on the Air Quality Control Commission’s website at:

Certification Updates

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Certification update as of 2-1-21
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CDPHE Regulation 8
FAQ – Revised Reg. 8 effective 3-17-21
Colorado Reg. 8 Changes Quick Guide (1)
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CDPHE NEW Forms | Reg 8 
Asbestos Training Course Instructor Initial Application 031721
Asbestos Training Course Instructor Renewal Application 31721 (1)
Major Asbestos Spill Notification Form 31721
Request for Asbestos Inspection Exemption 31721 (3)
Request for Waiver of the 10-Working Day Notification Period 031721
Asbestos NESHAP Notification – visual examples

Regulation 8 Sunset Review

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Regulation No 19  The Control of Lead Hazards

Regulation No. 19 – The Control of Lead Hazards Overview of Potential Rulemaking and Stakeholder Engagement Opportunities 

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Air Pollution Control Division (“Division”) is providing this overview document for public review and requests comments on potential revisions to Regulation No. 19. The Division will hold an initial stakeholder public meeting on Tuesday, March 9th, 2021 from 5 – 6:30 pm. This will be a remote “kickoff” meeting to discuss the rulemaking process and proposed topics. An agenda and meeting logistics will be provided upon registration.

Proposed Scope of Revisions

Below please find a proposed outline of potential revisions to Regulation No. 19:        

  1. Update source materials incorporated by references
  2. Update definitions, remove language that is no longer applicable or appropriate and correct typographical errors
  3. Clarify work practices and containment requirements
  4. Update clearance and lead dust hazard levels
  5. Revise Training and Certification requirements

Initial Written Comments:

The Division is providing this overview document for public review and requests initial comments on the potential revisions to Regulation No. 19. Please submit suggested topics to using “Regulation No. 19 – Lead-based Paint Revision Comments” in the subject line. Comments may continue to be submitted to this address through the stakeholder process.

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